5mm Blue Shock Cord

SHO 005 B
Top quality 5mm Shock cord. Premium marine grade multi strand elastic core. HT polyester covers with a fine plait smooth construction. Offering long life wear resistance to abrasion & UV degredation Consistently allows over 100% elongation & recovery. Not affected by water & heat resistant.
5mm Blue Shock Cord is available to buy in increments of 1
Construction: Polyester Cover w/ a Rubber (Elastic) Core The best shock cord we've found. It features a tough polyester cover that protects the elastic core from abrasion and sun exposure. In general, you'll want to keep the shock cord stretched between 30% and 80% of its length. (Below 30% stretch, return force is too low, and above 80%, you're approaching maximum stretch.) A good rule is to buy a length of shock cord twice as long as the "throw" in your system, then set it up so the shock cord is 30% stretched in its most-eased position. The largest sizes exert a return force of approximately 10 lbs. at 100% stretch. Available Colours: Black and Blue
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Color Blue
Manufacturer AP
Diameter 5mm
Part Number SHO 005 B
Letter Postage Small
Price $2.15
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