ASH Stainless Steel Hose Clip

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WORM DRIVE hose clamps are quick and easy to use with either a flat or cross-head screwdriver and are manufactured from top quality steel ensuring years of continuous service.


- Strong Stainless Steel clip, suitable for all applications including Marine.
- Worm Drive head ensures maximum thrust when tightening.
- BSI standards in all areas, providing excelent reliability.
- Professional Stainless Steel clip finish looks great every time.

ASH Hose Clips

ASH Silcione Hose Clips

Available in British Standard sizes from Size 000 (9.5mm-12mm inside diameter) to Size 3 (55mm-70mm inside diameter).

DIN Standard sizes - 9mm wide band from 8mm-12mm inside diameter to 120mm-140mm inside diameter and 12mm wide band from 16mm-27mm inside diameter to 200mm-220mm inside diameter.

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Clip Band Width 12mm
Manufacturer ASH
Material Stainless Steel
Part Number SHC
Pack Quantity 1 Piece
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Letter Postage Small
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