Carbon Fibre Air Filter Airbox Performance Air Filter - ASH

CAB 001

The CAB filtering system is a cylindrical Air Box in genuine carbon fibre, containing a removable & washable filtering element.


Diameter: 130mm Air Filter

Length: 180mm

Overall Length: 240mm

Spout Lengths: 30mm

Carbon Fibre Air Filter Airbox Performance Air Filter - ASH is available to buy in increments of 1


The CAB filtering system is connected to a frontal air intake using Air Duct (Not Included). The dynamic air intake results in a real supercharging system that conveys fresh cool air to the air box . The air flow entering through the dynamic intake is further accelerated thanks to the air flow deflector inside the Carbon Air Box. Dynamic over boosting, greater airflow, higher pressure and colder air are the elements assuring a significant increase of the engines performance in both power and torque.

Why Carbon Fibre?
The reason for using Carbon Fibre over other available materials other than that it looks stunning! is due to the fact that carbon fibre has a low thermal conductivity allowing insulation from the engine heat to the aspirated air.

Advantages of CAB over a standard air box.
Replacing your original air box with the CAB enables fresh air to be directly channelled to the filter which is then thermally insulated inside the Carbon Air Box and is convoyed to the engine through an air flow deflector with a minimum loss of energy.

Carbon Airbox Filter

Carbon Airbox Close Up

What’s included?
The CAB has been designed and manufactured as a universal Air Box system ensuring fitment with all vehicles. Varying accessories located within each kit ensure quick, easy and secure installation.

Contents Summary
- Inlet / Outlet 76mm (3" Inch)
- Fixing Bracket
- Genuine Carbon Fibre Heat Shield
- Removable & washable filtering element.
- Suitable For Forced Induction and Naturally Aspirated Applications (Turbo and Non Turbo)

More Information
Color Black
Manufacturer ASH
Material Carbon Fibre
Additional Info Max HP 250HP
Inside Diameter 76mm
Outside Diameter 130mm
Part Number CAB 001
Price $69.95
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